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FREUD Café Bar began in 1986, as idea to create spaces and a culture where people could meet, celebrate life’s ups together, and shoulder the inevitable downs. From that beginning, FREUD was shaped by everyone who occupied its spaces and made them their own - on both sides of the bar.

Life happens here.   For thirty-four years we’ve delighted in growing older with our wonderful team. We journey through life together.  You, our customers, are also part of our family.  You have let us into your lives.  We have hosted many a first date and many a marriage celebration.  We often receive updates - including the joyful news of the birth of children to couples whose first kiss was under our roof.   Staff, patrons and artists, past and present, fuse into a very special community.  It is who we are.

We have faced and survived recession and terrorism.   Now we face a pandemic.   The world continues to surprise us, but we are determined to survive.  To the FREUD team and to our customers, our family says ‘thank you’ for the wonderful years so far.   We look forward to many more to come. 

To counter the contagious spread of the coronavirus, the U.K. Government has said that people should not congregate anywhere.  Among the places where the government says that no one should go are bars and cafes.  As a result of the government’s instructions, FREUD is obliged temporarily to close its doors.    So, from the 17th March 2020, it is goodbye, but we will re-open as soon as the emergency permits.  

Until then, stay well, stay kind and stay in touch. 

Freud x



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